Keep Yarning Strong | Nunga Screen Film Festival 2021

The Brief

I was brought in as editor only on this project after the shoot had wrapped. The footage was supplied with an outline story, which I used as a template to craft the video.

Coming in at a later stage of the process gave me objectivity which was invaluble during the editing process, allowing me to see what was actually shot, rather than what was intended to be seen (this is often a really useful point - having an editor whos eyes are 'fresh' to the material can really help both the director and the editor find the heart of the story in the material).

The Execution

All the interviews were transcribed to ensure that both I and the director were on the same track and referring to the same sections.

The post process on this was about a week long. Much of the footage was shot with varying frame rates and shutter speeds (the camera operators were the directors, so the footage capture wasn't their main skill), so a fair amount of polish and fixing had to be done to the images and audio.

However, I think that the 'raw' feeling of the piece works for the story being told, and it's told with such passion that the technical is a very distant second to the heart the story has.

This film went on to be screened at the Nunga Screen Film Festival at multiple regional cinemas across South Australia.