The Science and the Citizens of the Coorong | Department of Environment and Water

The Brief
National Science Week Documentary, Official Selection 'SCINEMA International Science Film Festival 2021'

This video project was comissioned by the Department of Environment (SA) to showcase the citizen scientists working on the Coorong.

Originally for National Science Week, this film went on to be selected to play at the SCINEMA International Film Festival run by RIAUS.

The Execution

Production was over two days in the Coorong National Park, speaking to volunteers and staff, as well as collecting b-roll of the area (both on the ground and in the air). Then a third half day was organised to pick up some further interviews and record the main voice over with Uncle Derek, the Elder of the region.

Post production took about a week, from ingest and transcription of the interviews, to delivery of the final cut for approval. We had many hours of interviews shot, so whittling them down into a functional narrative whilst respecting the local politics and outlooks took the majority of the time.

Once ready, I did the colour grade, titles and audio mix and delivered in various formats and languages for use by the government both online and in stakeholder meetings and presentations to scientists.