Scripting the project can take many forms, whether it's articulating a message for a piece to camera, or envisioning a scenario for a video and storyboarding the shots.

By understanding dramatic narrative structure and the way stories work in film, I can build your video on paper before we shoot a single frame. This pre-production time pays dividends in the long run, as it allows planning of the entire project based upon this blueprint.

Often for more complex projects, such as TV commercials, having a storyboard helps to guide the production and the shooting schedule, as well as ensuring the whole team is working towards an agreed and approved end result.

Creating engaging video content begins with the script. I can work with you to create a concept, script and storyboard from your brief. Scripts can be simple pieces to camera, interview questions, or voice overs, to scenes in a story performed by actors.



The main event. Bringing together all the elements required to create the video, from on camera talent and actors, to lights, cameras, sound, locations and crew.

Over a decade of experience of creating videos is behind your project before the 'record' button is pressed. Choosing the right camera for the job, the right lens combination, lighting the shot beautifully and ensuring that crisp clean audio is recorded.

Decisions on where and when to film, and how to manage the cast and crew, safely storing and archiving the footage, plus what the final film will actually look like, are all part of my job.

I understand the process deeply, and can turn your idea into the bits and bytes needed to fulfil the brief and engage the viewer in an intelligent and emotional way.



Where the raw materials (video, voice overs, music, graphics, special effects, photographs and so on) are brought together into a coherent and engaging whole.

Post Production encompasses everything from the initial ingesting and storing of the footage to the final export and delivery of the master files. Working from my Edit Suite in Bridgewater, I can take your project through the various stages of crafting the story, and then through the finishing process of the colour grade, audio mix, and effects pass.

I'm a specialist in Adobe Premiere Pro, along with the supporting software of After Effects, Audion, Illustrator and Photoshop. Knowing the software itimately allows for us to focus on the creative, not the technical button pushing, and for the process to be as fast and efficient as the project allows. Using an online review portal, you will be sent copies of the video to review along the way, with the ability to add comments and feedback directly to the video.

The final outputs of the project may be many (cinema, TV, social media, etc) and this can all be handled with ease at the final stages of the edit. Items like translations and subtitle captions can also be supplied to make sure you get maximum engagement across your target audience.


Sometimes, you need just one element from me. Sometimes, you need the whole package. You need a producer who can tick all the boxes and take you from concept to delivery.

My experience over the years of producing videos for all kinds of clients and audiences means reassurance for you that you are in safe and capable hands. There are so many things to consider when creating video content, such as permissons, buy-outs, talent releases, schedulling, crew bookings, equipment budgeting and studio reservations.

I've also conducted hundreds of shoots across the country, and pride myself in my ability to create a relaxed and intimate set which lends itself to those who wouldn't usually open up on camera doing just that. My calm and gentle way of leading interviews has won me both praise and results. By having a deep understanding of the technical (both in the production and the post production phases) I can focus my energy on the content rather than the frame rate. Sometimes you just want someone who can translate your concept or idea into something an audience will engage with - and I'm your guy.

Check out my workflow diagram here for some detailed information on my process.